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Our first course, Reconnect With Your Happiness Sweet Spot, will be available shortly.
Laura Brunereau & Nadia Yazdani The Happiness Sweet Spot Podcast

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Start living a happier life!

You’ll Learn How To…

Unconditional Happiness

Learn how to find the place of unconditional happiness totally unconnected to any external factor.

Master Your Feelings

Learn how our thoughts and feelings are directly linked to what we manifest in our lives and practice feeling good so you can start consciously creating the life of your dreams.

The Power of Emotions

Learn about our scale of emotions and how you can purposely always be looking for a better feeling emotion, no matter what the situation.

Balance Your Life

Learn how to balance your "Power House" (mind, heart, body, soul and relationships). When you purposely nourish these different areas of your self, you will discover the true meaning of being the creator of your reality.

The Happiness Sweet Spot Course 1
The Happiness Sweet Spot Course 1
The Happiness Sweet Spot Course 1