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Laura Brunereau & Nadia Yazdani The Happiness Sweet Spot

Laura & Nadia's
Course Suite

Course #1

Vivid Imagination

Discover the powerful world of the imagination!

In this course, you will learn how the use of your imagination plays such an important part in what you attract in your life. You will understand how positively focusing your energy will lead you to exploit your full potential, find the best version of yourself and reconnect with the fullness of who you are.

You will discover how to master the visualisation technique to overcome unwanted situations, repair or improve relationships and to tap into your highest potential

You will also find out how using your feelings and emotions positively during a Vivid Imagination Visualization is the key to attracting the life of your dreams.

Course #2

Find Your
Sweet Spot

Happiness is the fast track to living a fulfilled, purposeful and successful life.

The kind of Happiness we are talking about here is very different to the feeling of being happy because everything around us is going well. 

True Happiness is completely unconnected to any external factor, it’s a place of utter peace and wellbeing that you experience no matter what is going on in your life.

In this course, we will teach you how to find this place of Unconditional happiness and how it connects to what you manifest in your life.

You will learn how your thoughts and feelings are directly linked to what you experience in your everyday life and you will practice feeling good and purposely looking for better emotions, so that you can start to consciously reprogram your mindset and create the life of your dreams.

So if all this information resonates with you and you can’t wait to start consciously creating your own reality, go and join our waiting list to be one of the first 1000 people to purchase this course and get your incredible discount.

Meet Your Instructors

Laura Brunereau The Happiness Sweet Spot

Laura Brunereau

Entrepreneurship is in Laura’s blood. She has founded multiple companies, from fashion to marketing and even a fashion blog. Laura’s path led her to discover her life purpose is to help others shine, thrive, be genuinely happy and find true empowerment.

As a Certified Happiness & Positive Mindset Specialist, she shares on this show how she transformed her life from ordinary to extraordinary.

It’s your time to do the same!

Nadia Yazdani The Happiness Sweet Spot

Nadia Yazdani

Nadia worked for many years in the Export-Import industry as well as managing her own Real Estate company. Her life took a turn after discovering unconditional happiness and mindset reprogramming. She discovered that her true passion was to share this life transforming information with others. 

Nadia shares on this show how she went from living on auto-pilot, trapped within the limitations of her own mind, to reprogramming her belief systems and learning how to create her dream reality.

Now it ‘s your turn!