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Episode 8 - Season 1

THE LAW OF ATTRACTION: Manifest empowering, positive, fun & inspiring relationships with others.

September 20, 2022
The Happiness Sweet Spot Podcast
The Happiness Sweet Spot Podcast
THE LAW OF ATTRACTION: Manifest empowering, positive, fun and inspiring relationships with others | Episode 8 Season 1


How to manifest empowering, positive, fun and inspiring relationships.

Are you fed up with experiencing unsatisfying and negative relationships with others? 

Do you want to know why you seem to always meet people with draining energy? 

We tell you today, how to start attracting the kind of relationships that make you feel good, uplifted and inspired. Friendships that last, that are authentic, that feel empowering and that are simply TRUE.

In this episode, we will be talking about how the way you treat and talk to yourself impacts your relationship with others. We will also be going into details about what an empowering, positive, fun and inspiring exchange with another person looks like and what you should be expecting from your relationships.

You will discover how the energy of giving and positive focusing will attract the kind of relationships that uplift, satisfy and inspire you.

Your number one relationship is with yourself and once you learn how to tune into the highest potential of yourself, your whole world starts to transform and your life becomes one magical journey.

The Law of Attraction Explained Series.

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Meet the Hosts

Laura Brunereau The Happiness Sweet Spot

Laura Brunereau

Entrepreneurship is in Laura’s blood. She has founded multiple companies, from fashion to marketing and even ran a fashion blog. Laura’s path led her to discover her life purpose is to help others shine, thrive, be genuinely happy and find true empowerment.

As a Certified Happiness & Positive Mindset Specialist, she shares on this show how she transformed her life from ordinary to extraordinary.

It’s your time to do the same!

Nadia Yazdani The Happiness Sweet Spot

Nadia Yazdani

Nadia worked for many years in the Export-Import industry as well as managing her own Real Estate company. Her life took a turn after discovering unconditional happiness and mindset reprogramming. She discovered that her true passion was to share this life transforming information with others. 

Nadia shares on this show how she went from living on auto-pilot, trapped within the limitations of our own mind, to reprogramming her belief systems and learning how to create her dream reality.

Now it ‘s your turn!

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