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Laura Brunereau & Nadia Yazdani The Happiness Sweet Spot

Vivid imagination &
Visualization Course

Reconnect With The Best Version of Yourself
Tap into your full potential with this Vivid Imagination course.

The information this course contains will really help you understand how to positively focus your energy and become the best version of yourself. Learn how to exploit your full potential and reconnect with the fullness of who you are.

The knowledge and exercises we share will bring your power back, and you will be able to start consciously creating the life of your dreams.

What’s inside
The Vivid Imagination

Modules Visualization Course
Laura Brunereau & Nadia Yazdani The Happiness Sweet Spot Podcast
Purpose of visualization course


Start exploiting your fullest potential

You’ll Learn How To…

Vivid Imagination

Connect with the best version of yourself through visualization.

The Power of Visualization

Master visualisation to overcome unwanted situations, repair or improve relationships or to tap into your highest potential


Use the power of your feelings and emotions during Vivid Imagination to attract the life of your dreams.

Visualisation and Meditation

Connect meditation and visualisation in order to put your ego aside, experience your true self and use Vivid Imagination in the most powerful way.

Improve the way you feel !

So Your Life Can Feel More...


You will feel more calm and collected and you will improve focus and motivation.


You will build a positive mindset and transform hard or monotonous situations into happy, fulfilling and exciting ones.


You will be focusing on your goals and on the person you desire to be and creating on purpose the life of your dreams.


You will learn how to become a new version of yourself and to let go of the old patterns of thoughts that do not serve you anymore.


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The Vivid Imagination Course

An 8-module digital course featuring our transformational teachings about Visualization. (value: $149)
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Life Changing Exercises

Exercises with all the techniques on how to successfully use the Vivid Imagination Visualization. (value: $39)

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Hi we are Laura & Nadia!

Fifteen years ago, we discovered this life changing knowledge. This information resonated with us immediately, and we knew, this was the way life was supposed to be lived. 

Since then, we have taken countless courses and listened to thousands of conferences from the pioneers in this industry. Our goal was to understand completely how life’s magic really works and become masters at applying all this information. 

Living by these principles is our greatest passion and the way we live. We have created abundance and balance in all areas of our lives, but most importantly, we feel true happiness and appreciation on a daily basis. And things just keep getting better and better!

We have known for years that our passion was to start sharing all this knowledge and we now feel that the perfect time has come to do exactly that.

We are eager to help YOU positively transform your life.

Transform Your Life!

Laura Brunereau & Nadia Yazdani The Happiness Sweet Spot